On the right floor chain, we have a pretty good quality alfalfa bale, costing $170 a ton. On the left floor chain, we have a $65 a ton Cornstalk bale.

We are blending these 1/3 to 2/3. The Cornstalk floor chain is set on 100% and the Alfalfa floor chain is set on 50%.

If we met all the dry matter requirements in strait alfalfa it would be a big overkill, both cost wise and nutritionally. If we were to feed just the cornstalks, the cows (or bulls in this case) would probably slowly starve to death, or at the very least go backwards on condition, but the blend of 1/3 to 2/3 is going to be considerably better and it will create and average per ton feed cost of $100 (which is also a lot better).

You can see in the windrow we have a pretty good blend of Alfalfa and Cornstalks and in a petty desirable particle size or stem length. Nutritional science will tell you that you can reduce your tonnage requirements by 25% to 30% if you process it similar to this and I can testify to the fact that we have repeatably seen it on our ranch that you will reduce the amount you have to feed by 25% to 30% when you process it.

When you reduce your tonnage cost from $170 to $100 by blending 1/3 $100 Alfalfa to 2/3 $65 Cornstalks and then reduce that tonnage requirement by another 25% to 30% by processing it, that is over a 50% reduction in your feed cost dollar. That is a pretty big deal and now it can all be down with an EZ Ration Processor that you can pull with your Pickup.

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