Price Sheet

EZ Ration Processors
Prices effective June 1, 2023 to May 1, 2024
Prices F.O.B. manufacturing facility in Herington, Kansas 

Tractor Pull EZ Ration Processor
4 Bale $59,684.00
6 Bale $68,042.00
Truck Mounted Mechanical Drive EZ Ration Processor
(Trucks with MT653 & MT654 Series Allison Transmissions only)
4 Bale $59,460.00
6 Bale $66,128.00
Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drive Computer Controlled EZ Ration Processor
(Trucks with MD3500 & 4500 World Series Allison Transmissions only)
4 Bale $61,275.00
6 Bale $67,942.00
Pickup Pull Computer Controlled Self Contained EZ Ration Processor
2 Bale powered by a Honda motor $42,260.00
4 Bale with a Grain Bin powered by a Kubota motor (with twice the HP) $73,410.00
Basic mounting for Hydraulic or Mechanical drive truck units
(Does not include the PTO or Frame Stretching)
Manual Discharge Hood $1,645.00
Air Activated Discharge Hood (available on truck mount only) $2,533.00
Grain Attachment (holds approximately 2000 lbs.) $8,635.00
Air activated Grain Lid (available on truck mount only) $1,118.00
Wings $1,118.00
Stake Pockets  $1,068.00
8 inch Knife Hood Extension (new style) $450.00
Stacking mid-size bales kit (including hood ext, suspension and second axle) $12,995.00
4 & 6 Bale Floor Scales (includes 2 systems each side weighs independently) $6,788.00
Grain Attachment Scales $3,395.00
HMW Plastic for silage (per side) 4-Bale $1,150.00
HMW Plastic for silage (per side) 6-Bale $1,550.00
Super singles (call for current pricing) $————

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