Price Sheet

Pricing includes the current steel surcharges.

EZ Ration Processors
Prices effective June 1, 2022 to May 1, 2023
Prices F.O.B. manufacturing facility in Herington, Kansas 

Tractor Pull EZ Ration Processor
4 Bale $56,251.00
6 Bale $64,195.00
Truck Mounted Mechanical Drive EZ Ration Processor
(Trucks with MT653 & MT654 Series Allison Transmissions only)
4 Bale $55,740.00
6 Bale $62,749.00
Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drive Computer Controlled EZ Ration Processor
(Trucks with MD3500 & 4500 World Series Allison Transmissions only)
4 Bale $59,665.00
6 Bale $66,910.00
Pickup Pull Computer Controlled EZ Ration Processor   
2 Bale $39,212.00
Basic mounting for Hydraulic or Mechanical drive truck units
(Does not include the PTO or Frame Stretching)
Manual Discharge Hood $1,367.00
Air Activated Discharge Hood (available on truck mount only) $2,342.00
Grain Attachment (holds approximately 2000 lbs.) $7,006.00
Air activated Grain Lid (available on truck mount only) $1,118.00
Wings $1,118.00
Stake Pockets  $1,068.00
8 inch Knife Hood Extension (new style) $450.00
Stacking mid-size bales kit (including hood ext, suspension and second axle) $12,076.00
4 & 6 Bale Floor Scales (includes 2 systems each side weighs independently) $6,788.00
Grain Attachment Scales $3,395.00
HMW Plastic for silage (per side) $1,250.00
Super singles (call for current pricing) $————

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