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      800 242 9599      The EZ Ration Processor can cut feed cost       by over 50%      The EZ Ration Processor has the patented ability to process and blend two different types of feeds or hay in any desired ratio      Grain - Silage - and Scale Option are Available      Check out the Ration calculator and see how much money you can save by blending feed sources - Use the feed test already inserted in the calculator or use your own feed test results      Check out the used EZ Ration Processors available now       For more information on how the EZ Ration Processor can dramatically cut your feed cost and increase your bottom line - check out the Video Presentations and Working Ranch Radio interview                         

Listen to this excellent interview that explains it all

Listen to Working Ranch Radio Show interview with rancher and EZ Ration Processor inventor RC Patterson. Learn how by correctly blending and processing hay, a rancher can dramatically reduce feed costs and be able to run considerably more cattle.

(used with permission from Working Ranch Magazine and Working Ranch Radio Show)